Create Stoplight Charts using

Milestones Professional


In a report that contains extensive data, how can action-items be quickly highlighted and addressed?  Indicator symbols, or stoplights, are a great method for determining, "at-a-glance", which project items need attention.
Milestones Professional uses the Stoplight SmartColumn to display built-in green, yellow, red, and blue indicators, or up to 10 custom stoplights.
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Milestones Professional project management software is the fast, easy proven way to schedule and manage your projects.
  • Manage large projects and coordinate team projects

  • Present your project in a variety of  formats to meet any reporting need

  • Calculate and present earned value

  • Robust Internet Publishing, including "Drill-Down" for easy management access to project details.

  • Produce presentation reports from your Microsoft Project schedules and keep them-to date

  • Turn your database into a presentation schedule